Kamilla Gleyzer
Mill Basin Skincare

About myself

I have been a NY lisensed esthetician for 11 years. I have graduated from Christine Valmy international school of Esthetics.
Throughout all these years I have helped many people with different skin issues and concerns.
One of my career goals is to help people feel confident and beautiful.
European Facial 
European Facial 

Facial is a rejuvenating and stimulating treatment that will decongest your pores and brighten your skin tone.

It focuses on:

Opening the pores  



Deep cleanse.  

Microcurrent Facelift 
Microcurrent Facelift 
Amazing non-surgical anti-aging treatment.

Low level electrical current improves muscle tone in the face and neck                                      ⠀Here are some more benefits:

Lifts jowels and eyebrows

Reduces and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles

Improves facial circulation

 It is a perfect treatment before big events.


A procedure that uses a bunch of tiny needles to puncture the very first layer of the skin.  


Reduces pore size  

Improves skin texture 

Treats acne scarring 

LED Light Treatment 
LED Light Treatment 
It is a pain-free way for getting glowing, clear skin.       

Also effective for a range of skin conditions including pigmentation, rosacea and acne.⠀      

The procedure is safe and doesn’t require any downtime. 


The treatment sloughsoff dead layers ot the skin.

Amazing to :

Reduce wrinkles

Lighten acne scars

Uneven pigmentation

Reduce fine lines.